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"I absolutely LOVE my SECO Sportswear Heater Pants!  I've been using them all winter in LEGOLAND Florida.  They keep me warm and allow me to be flexible when swivel skiing.  Awesome product and highly recommend them!"

 Shauna Pasanen, Knotty Girl Design

“I just moved to Boulder, Colorado after living in warm climates my whole life. It has been really difficult to get used to the cold weather, but my Heater Pants have been awesome. They don’t feel like regular leggings because they stay in place and you don't have to keep adjusting them on long hikes. Plus, I never felt wet or cold during my hike, which was awesome and made a huge difference!”

Rebeca Farias of RBK art . lab

"I love my new SECO shorts and heater pants! They are amazing for 3-event water skiing and I am so impressed with how versatile they are for trick skiing. They offer warmth and full mobility, unlike traditional wetsuits which can restrict movement. I love how quickly they dry after a set, they are perfectly comfy to wear all day!"

Emily Dammeyer, National Collegiate Water Ski Association

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